1. Our Alumni Spotlight today is focusing on Rachel Aughtry, one of the founders and co-owners of the DIME store right here in Denton!

    -What year did you graduate?
    -Who or what originally got into the Fibers program?
    I started off as a Comm Design major and quickly realized that was not the fit for me haha. An adviser told me that Fibers was good for art majors that “wanted to experiment with a lot of different things”, which was actually a really terrible description, but it got to me to go a Fibers Club meeting and figure out what it was about. Love at first loom site.
    -What are you doing now, and how did you get there?
    When I was in school I started an Etsy shop selling handbags, and that business (Rachel Elise) is still payin’ my bills! I sell on Etsy, a couple of other specialized websites, and in a few stores. (I recently started having my bags carried at Powell’s Book in Portland, which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying haha.) I’m also one of the founders and co-owners of the DIME Store here in Denton. I sell my bags there too, of course, and we carry art/craft from over 50 local Denton artists.
    -Do you think the Fibers program was a good choice, and if so what would you say you got out of it?
    Definitely! One things that originally drew me to the program was the possibility of having a design-oriented career with a fibers focus. Of course I envisioned that meant designing bedspreads for JC Penney or textiles for Target, but I’m pretty happy with the version of that goal that came about :-)
    -Did you go to grad school, and if so where did you go and do you think it was a good choice?
    I didn’t— school was never one of my favorite things. ;-) Real world experience for the win! — Sorry Amie ;-)
    -What’s something you wished you had known as an undergraduate?
    Honestly, I just I wish I would have known I wasn’t going to own a loom and spent every spare second weaving my little heart out ;-) I miss you, loom!
    Want to check out more of Rachel’s work?
    Check out her Etsy
    And go visit The DIME Store
  2. Vanessa Seals.


    Silk, Canvas, MX Dye, Disperse dye, silk applique.

    30in x 48in panels.


  3. There’s something so relaxing about watching students silk paint #untfibers #silkpainting

  4. Check out these gorgeous Shibori colors one of our students got! #untfibers #shibori

  5. Taylor Barnes.


    Cyanotype on cotton.


  6. We’re getting to see some amazing colors from the Intro class as they tackle silk painting.

  7. One of our Undergrads, Sarah Popplewell, shares with us some info about her internships!

    -Where did you intern and how did you come across this internship?

    I interned in the Center for Creative Connections (AKA C3) at the Dallas Museum of Art. I got this opportunity through our Topics in Fibers class when we were doing a project geared around writing proposals and creating workshops. During this project one of our alumni, Amanda Batson, acted as our liaison to the DMA and C3. At the end of the project she told us all to apply to intern for their summer camps and programs and I jumped right on it. I emailed her right away and got first pick of the internships I wanted which were called Side by Side and Brains,Brains, Brainnss. 

    -What was your experience there?

        ​Side by Side was lead by Leslie Robertson and Natalie Macellaio in collaboration with the Australian BIG Kids Magazine. This was a week long workshop where kids and their parents collaborated on art. This internship was really fantastic in that Anna Alfaro (my co-intern) and I got to see first hand the joy in parents and their children working together and becoming inspired together as well.

        Brains, Brains, Brainnss, was a collaboration between JC Bigornia , Kat Burkett (another UNT alum), and I, that was all about zombie physiology. This week long workshop was by far one of the best experiences of my life so far. We got to plan with JC on this workshop every step of the way and took our teens from sketch to full blown, zombie flash mob, and every step in between . We got to meet some amazing artists through Brick In the Yard productions, primarily Mitch , the founder, and even an SFX artist from the Game of Thrones. I got to help the students design their costumes and also to help execute them completely. Being able to see a room full of teenagers go from shy and reserved to passionate and excited in such a short amount of time was absolutely amazing. Also to see the level of talent that came from them, needless to say we were all blown away. Art has such an awesome power to truly transform people and the world around us and it was a privilege to experience that first hand.

  8. Three of our beginning weavers taking their first steps into an addictive passion

  9. Sarah Popplewell.


    Cyanotype on twill.


  10. Our screen printers learning the basics of making patterns, and picking some beautiful colors in the process!